Marcial Court and his family were known as winemakers and major shipbuilders in the city of Bordeaux, France. In the nineteenth century they came to the Maule Valley, Chile, focusing on viticulture, finding in this region the ideal climate and soil for producing high quality wines, keeping the family tradition for generations until today, always looking for preeminence, as winemakers.

Gabriel Court Castellano , Winemaker, Agronomist Engineer and Executive Director. He is the President of the Vineyard and who oversees all company operations.

Gabriel Court Rodriguez , Vineyards Manager and Board member. He is in charge of the vineyards, ensuring conditions conducive to produce the best grapes for each one of the varieties of wine we elaborate.

Manuel Aguilar Cortes, Commercial Manager. His international experience and solid academic training in Chile, ensures proper national and international marketing and sales of our wines.